Reptile Care Information Sheets

As you consider the purchase of a snake, lizard, or turtle (we do not advise any type of Crocodilians as pets), there are a plenty of things you need to know. And you must consider all of these well in advance of going out and falling in love with an animal that may prove to be ultimately unsuitable.

Read everything you can get you hands on about the reptile you are interested in. Buy some books on the reptile. Talk to people who have owned or still own the reptile you want to get. The more informed you are before you make your purchase the better off you and the animal will be. I do not know how many people I have seen and heard about that have bought a baby Burmese Python at a reptile show or pet store and find out real quick that the snake grows extremely fast and can reach a length of 8 feet in the first year. The same applies to Iguanas on how fast they grow and the fact that they need calcium either by direct exposure to sunlight or by a supplement. These two are mentioned above all others because they seem to be the most prominent in the rescues.

So read through the care sheets listed below and get a feel for the type of reptile that may be right for you. Consider all things; the adult size, how fast it will reach adult size, caging requirements, humidity/heating/lighting, food supply, etc. Most of the reptiles live a long time and you have to ask yourself are you ready to make this type of commitment.

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