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Caresheets.info is dedicated to providing information on caring for exotic animals in captivity. From Burmese Pythons and Poison Dart Frogs to Ferrets and Hedgehogs, we have an information site with everything you will need to know BEFORE you purchase that special pet.

It is imperative that you read everything you can about any animal you are interested in purchasing. Read the care sheets here, buy the books suggested, talk to people who have the same animal, visit web sites with forums about the animal of interest. We cannot stress enough that education is the main thing needed to keep exotic animals in captivity. You need to know what to expect, how to deal with issues that arise, and what not to do. Do not hesitate to ask even the simpliest of questions. You can only find so many answers in books, the real answers to the everyday care, husbandry, and problems that may airse come from people who have kept the animal successfully.

Article of Extreme Interest:
  • Venomoids - A Practitioner's View

In recent years and with the aid of modern medical techniques, herpetologists and veterinary surgeons have actually attempted to do this, in that they tried to surgically remove the venom glands and leave the snake alive and intact.

The links at the top of the page will take you to some of the most popular exotic pets kept in captivity. Each section will cover as many species of animal that we can put together. You will also find general husbandry care sheets as well as medical care sheets for trerating more common ailments like mites.

Also found in each section are recommended books for you to read. Each book can be purchased through Amazon.com and delivered to you within days! There will be links to other sites containing more information about the animal who's page you are visiting.

Remember, read, read, read, talk to people, and visit web sites about the animal you are interested in BEFORE you purchase. Do not IMPULSE buy any animal. Always make sure you have everything ready before you buy.


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